MSM is a multi-family office established in 2010 dedicated to providing wealth management services to global families. Our team brings over 100 years of combined investment management and intellectual capital

We partner with our clients over an investment cycle and generational wealth transfer to ensure the next generation has the necessary tools and knowledge to manage their inheritance and achieve their objectives

We value and respect the confidential nature of the relationship of our clients and place their interests and objectives above all


MSM believes passionately in its core values as a guide to serving our client’s interests

Integrity & Transparency

We give independent and transparent advice to ensure the right decisions are made

Commitment & Passion

We are passionate about what we do and
committed to building lasting relationships

Partnership & Accountability

We work with clients to identify what is
working and what is not, creating successful outcomes


We work closely with our families to help simplify their financial affairs to ensure they are easily understood by all family members. We help structure, manage and monitor the investments of our clients by aligning our services to meet their objectives

We actively seek specialist advisors and open architecture solutions to ensure our clients are provided with the most appropriate and relevant advice

We partner with trust and fiduciary specialists and boutique investment managers to deliver an integrated family office service


High net worth families are increasingly interested in giving back to the communities that are important to them. Giving money is easy. Giving money wisely is difficult. Philanthropy should be conducted with the same professional approach as investing

It is important to identify worthy causes, establish measurable goals and monitor results. At MSM, we have developed the skills to help guide clients through important gift-making decisions. We have established a Swiss registered Charitable Foundation and we work with external partners to make sure that clients’ philanthropic goals are met in a professional, measurable way